Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Early Days... Part 4

Part 4: Fissunix

Here comes another Mashup legend: Fissunix, something very very special.

The one thing I probably love the most about Fissunix's work is that reminiscent of some of the early avant-gardesque 60s rock bands, who were never afraid to experiment musically and technically, in order to get the sound and results they were after.

One of the best things about some of these bands was to be completely unpredictable, do pretty much whatever they wanted. No one knew what they would do next. I've always admired that, pushing the boundaries, especially in music.

It's safe to say that many of those people are responsible for some of the best, most flamboyant and celebrated albums in the last 40 years.

One could easily argue that this creative fuelled restlessness seems to have been lost along the way in music, probably loosing some serious ground to "playing it safe" and also general conformism.

Thankfully, what is present in the mainstream at any point in time has never, nor will never fully represent what is really going on. General history, not just in music, is filled with examples of how the underground forces were the ones actually leading the way forward for the rest of the world. While the mainstream seem to sound more and more alike, thankfully, there are those who dare not to conform, and follow their inspiration, wherever it will lead them. BIG UP & Respect!

Now you might think I've gone off topic here, but no, this is exactly the point I'm trying to make about Fissunix: No one knows what he will be coming out with next. And I love that about his work. This is a luxury which very very few will ever be able to achieve.

Sure, we could probably take wild guesses about his next release, even open a betting office, develop some mashup conspiracy theories, but in the end, the result would be the same: Fissunix will win, and we will just fall flat our on arses.

Wether he uses a tiny loop of a song to make it into a full track (I have seen some fellow bootlegging friends calling him the "king of the loop"), or doing the exact opposite, and both these things across any possible genre including all the ones that aren't quite defined yet, you can see how difficult our task would be, that not mentioning crazy samples sourcing, or getting musicians to play parts on his productions.

Instead, I would simply suggest to enjoy his tremendous work as it is, while strapping yourselves to something heavy until his next release (!) Also, I'd kindly point you in the direction of another of my all time favourite top mashups ever:

James Brown Vs Led Zeppelin "Whole Sex Lotta Machine":

Go check out more of this outstanding work here:

NB: Fissunix is also a bit of a graphic artist/web genius (hence the well organised links above) - so make you sure you check his bootleg covers out, I promise you won't be sorry ;)