Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Early Days... Part 3

Part 3: Mighty Mike

Today, we look at another Mashup Legend: Mighty Mike.

Now, of course, most of you should already be familiar with Mighty Mike, thanks to many many fantastic mashups he has produced over the years, all with an outstanding quality and imagination throughout.

For my part, there is one side of Mighty Mike's production I've always had a very soft spot for: Musicality. There are a lot of mashups out there, and it really comes down to personal taste wether you like them or not, and maybe if you already love the sources used in a mashup.

It's also safe to say that musicality varies a lot amongst mashups, and by that I mean how well the 2 songs will blend one into another, but also how they will carry themselves throughout the whole song. If anyone can go probably go out and pick up two songs in the same key and blend them together, a lot less people will go deeper to make the acapella sound exciting over the entire new chord progression. 

This has always been a key "liking factor" for me, and no doubt it has guided my taste and preference when I listen to mashups. I am really found of Mighty Mike's work because I've always felt this careful attention to the musicality in his work.

In fact, I will confess that this has always been my rule about making my own mashups, musicality. You'll probably have noticed by now that I never cared much for picking songs in the charts, instead, I decided to focus on what sounded good to me, and I've never changed since I started this project.

So big thanks to Mighty Mike for his work, once again, a seriously big inspiration of mine!

There's something else about Mighty Mike which I really love: His choice of material. It always leads to some seriously "WTF" and "OMG" combinations, add a serious dose of musicality to it, and there you go, here's one of my all time top 5 favourites mashups ever:

The Cure Vs Bob Marley "Waiting In Heaven"

Also make sure to check out the excellent video for it, produced by Jarod Ripley (an excellent mashup producer as well!):

For the rest of Mighty Mike's work, make sure to check it out here: