Saturday, 11 August 2012

Something old, something new!

In the life of a bootlegger, there are many many ideas and projects which start, but sometimes don't make it to the "public" for the reason that you might find a combination which works well for let's say just the verses, but not the chorus etc...

As a result, you end up for many ideas and projects sitting on the hard drive, all at various stages of production. Some of them might actually be completed but have never seen the light before. It is also a choice, that sometimes such or such mashup might not be suited to follow the previous one etc...

Today though, it's different. Continuing to celebrate 2 years of Mashed And Confused, I decided to open up the secret vault and unleash this previously never released mashup before!!!!

Enjoy ;)

Leona Lewis Vs John Travolta "Bleeding Sandy" (Calling all GREASE FANS!!!!!!)