Friday, 3 August 2012

Mashed And Confused: The early days... Part 1

To continue celebrating the 2 years of Mashed And Confused this month, it makes a lot of sense to go back to the beginning as I once heard "You have to know where you come from to know where you're going" (Some very wise words indeed)...

So, I am inviting you to a little trip back in time (completely safe if case you're wondering), more in particular, to look at those who inspired me to start this project. Within the next few weeks, I will pay a little tribute to some of my favourite mashup producers, and my all time favourite mashups.

Part 1: ToToM

ToToM is one of the biggest names in the mashup community. No wonder, he is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to production, and he is responsible for so many amazing mashups.

His technique, attention to detail and "machine like" precision for timing, structure and levels make him one of my all time favourite mashup producers. He is responsible for countless incredible mashups, with a constant quality throughout second to none.

In fact, as you probably suspected by now, one of my all time favourite, all time Top 5 mashups comes from ToToM. This is probably one of the very first mashups I heard and made me think about creating my own, nothing less.

In fact, I'll also confess I had the chance to benefit from some great feedback and advice from the man himself when I first started this project.

This particular mashup is an absolute jewel, in fact, it's the perfect example of how a mashup is able to surpass the originals used, and also make you completely forget how the original tracks actually sound... Although I am not really able to listen to this Killers track anymore without thinking of this mashup first, I am also very grateful that ToTom produced this one, it's just well... too bloody good.

So, let me introduce one of my all time favourite mashups ever:

Amy Winehouse "Rehab" Vs The Killers "Mr Brightside" => ToToM "Mr Rehabside"

Go check out some of his other fantastic work and mixes here: