Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Eagles Vs Frank Sinatra "My California" EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Well, well, well..... This is going a really tough one to introduce... These 2 songs used here, are not only all time mega classics, but also some of my all time favourite records ever made, and I love them just the way they are. They're just beyond perfection, in many ways.

But making mashups is about many things, including pushing the boundaries, and injecting a little imagination into what's already out there. When I first started making this particular one a few months ago, the part which made me ticked was the power of the orchestra in "My Way", which really gives dynamic to the track, gives it so much depth, and just makes you shiver.

One could argue Hotel California is a little more, well "flat", in comparison, although it's certainly not due to the lack of "God like" musicianship on this record. To the contrary, it's just that a full Orchestra has probably more chances to have this effect than electric guitars.

So.... There you go: As ever fabulous lyrics and vocals from Eagles, backed by THAT orchestra, introducing The Eagles "Hotel California" Vs Frank Sinatra "My Way":

"My California"